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Shopping Guidelines

Shopping Guidelines

◆Shopping Guidelines

1.) Delivery notice
Shipping is processed with a “Delivery notice email.” In case that the item has not been arrived a week after the notice email, please contact “Contact”.
2.) Scheduled delivery
In case of selecting a scheduled delivery, please fill in the preferred date and timeframe at the “Entering Order Information” page.
**Please select “none” for the fastest delivery.
**Delivery date can be set after 3 to 10 days from the order confirmation date.
**There may be unavoidable delays due to traffic conditions.
**We will contact by email in case of major delays by unexpected issues.
**Please be noted that the preferred delivery schedule will be an estimated delivery. There may be unavoidable delays due to weather / traffic conditions etc.
**Shipping address and scheduled delivery change are not acceptable after the order. If you wish to change the scheduled delivery, please contact Sagawa Express directly with a track number written in the “Delivery notice email.”
3.) Shipping address change
If you wish to change shipping address before the delivery is processed, please contact us from “Contact.” In case of changing the shipping address after the delivery notice, please contact Sagawa Express directly with a track number written in the “Delivery notice email.” We could not accept the delivery to a delivery box nor phone delivery request to a postman. In such cases, please contact Sagawa Express directly with a track number written in the “Delivery notice email.”
4.) Product Shipping
Shipping will be processed by Sagawa Express. Delivery status after can be checked from each carrier website, with a track number written in the “Delivery notice email.
5.) Pre-order Notice:
You can't mix pre-order items with regular items in your cart.
Payment is by credit card only.
Your order date is the purchase date, and payment is processed when the order is confirmed (upon receipt of the completion email).
Depending on your credit card terms, you may be charged before the product arrives.
If you order pre-order items with different delivery dates together, they will ship when all items are ready. To ship by delivery month, please place separate orders.
6.) Custom Orders:
You can't mix custom order items with other items in your cart.
Payment is by credit card only.
Your order date is the purchase date, and payment is processed when the order is confirmed (upon receipt of the completion email).
Depending on your credit card terms, you may be charged before the product arrives.
7.) Item Delivery
Delivery will be processed on the next day from the order. In case there are Sundays / National holidays after the order date or rush of orders, please be noted that the shipping will take longer. As for Pre-order items, please check each product page for delivery details, since there may be different delivery dates are set for Pre-order items. **After the item arrival, please make sure to thoroughly check ‘whether the item received is correct’ and ‘if there are any defects on the item.’
**If the item has been returned due to delivery refusal by any personal circumstances or long-term absence, there may be a possibility that we need to restrict future orders for those customers. Please make sure to receive the items once the orders are placed.

The price indicated on the product page is all tax-inclusive price.

As for the products in ANREALAGE ONLINE SHOP, sizing is measured in tile size by staffs. Please be noted that there may be slight gap or individual differences for some products. If you need to check more detailed sizing, please see product detail page.

Delivery Costs
Delivery costs will be 550 JPY per order (separated from the product price) for all Japan regions. Delivery carrier is Sagawa Express.

Credit card / Cash On Delivery are accepted.

・Credit Card

Above credit cards are accepted. (VISA / MASTER / JCB / AMERICAN EXPRESS)
Purchase date is set on the same day as the shipping date, and the payment is processed at the timing of delivery.

Please note the following:

※Once payment is processed, orders cannot be canceled or changed.
※Use a credit card in your name.
※Some credit cards may not be accepted.
※Incomplete credit card information will result in the order not being accepted.
※Depending on your credit card company, there may be restrictions on maximum amount, installment payments, and minimum payment. Contact your credit card company for details.
※The number of installments cannot be changed. Contact your credit card company directly to make changes (registration may be required beforehand).

・Cash On Delivery

Service will be conducted through Sagawa Express Cash On Delivery Service.
Please select the payment from cash, credit card or debit card.

**COD fee will be separately charged.
**Please be noted that there is a possibility of the future order rejection if the delivery is refused.

▼COD fee
Total Order Amount
(Item fee+tax)
COD fee
~10,000 JPY 330 JPY(tax-included)
~30,000 JPY 440 JPY(tax-included)
~100,000 JPY 660 JPY(tax-included)
~300,000 JPY 1,100 JPY(tax-included)

Gift Wrapping
Please accept kind understanding that we do not offer gift wrapping service.

We will notify via email for items with "NOTIFY ME" button on the product page.
Please tap the "NOTIFY ME" button and sign up to receive the notice.

We will notify via email when the sold-out items are back in stock. Please tap the "RESTOCK REQUEST" button to receive the notice.

*Please be noted that the in-stock / restock request would not assure the product inventory.
There may be a possibility that the items are sold-out again, depending on the timing to access the website after the email receipt.
*Please sign up to the membership to receive in-stock / restock request information.
*Log-in page will appear when "in-stock / restock request" buttons have been tapped without logging into an account.。

Returns / Exchanges
1.) Any returns nor exchanges due to personal circumstances cannot be accepted. (e.g., size / image does not match)
2.) In case of faulty items or wrong item delivery, refund or exchange can be handled at our expense. Please send an email to the “Contact,” written on the “Delivery Slip” attached together with the merchandise for further process, within 7 days from item arrival.
**Please be noted that returns / exchanges are not accepted for below cases.
(1) 7 days have passed since the item arrival date
(2) Items already been used
(3) Any attached tags / price tags / labels are cut off or damaged
(4) Item package (bags / cases / shoe boxes etc.) are damaged, stained or missed
(5) Any stain / damage caused by customer responsibility
(6) Any hygiene goods such as lingerie / swimwear and pierce etc.
(7) Any groceries and cosmetics for its package already been opened
(8) Any alteration / wash / cleaning been applied
(9) Any items that have not been purchased from “ANREALAGE ONLINE SHOP” (including our boutique)

Cancellation or refusal of receipt after shipment
In principle, we do not accept any cancellation or refusal of receipt by the customer after the product has been shipped.
In the unlikely event of a cancellation due to unavoidable circumstances, the product will be returned to the customer once it has been received. In such cases, the customer will be responsible for all costs including cash on delivery fees, shipping costs, and return shipping costs.
In addition, if you refuse to receive the COD merchandise, we may refuse your next or subsequent orders.

Points rewards
ANREALAGE OFFICIAL ONLINE SHOP offers points upon its shopping.
The points can be used for online shopping purchase.
**Points cannot be used in our boutique.

<Point reward scheme>
  Service applied Service excluded
Use of points Item price (tax-included) Shipping cost / COD fee (tax-included)
Reward of points Item price (tax-excluded)
※after coupon/point discount price
Shipping cost / COD fee (tax-included)
1.) Get the points
・Points are rewarded to the total amount of item price. (tax-excluded) Shipping cost and COD fee are excluded from the point service.
・Points are added for 1 point per 100 JPY, in proportion to the order amount. (Fractions omitted.)
・Points are added at the timing of the shipping. Status can be seen from My page.
・Points are valid for 1 year from the month rewarded. However, all the points will expire when there is no shopping record for a year since the point-rewarded month.
e.g.) In case of the order for its order date Apr 30, 2023 / shipping date May 3, 2023, points are rewarded on the shipping date May 3, 2023. Points are valid until May 31, 2024.
・When the item are returned, points are deducted after the return process.
・All points will be invalidated by cancelling the membership. (Points will not be restored even if the same address is registered)
・Points accumulation can be always checked on My page.
2.) Use the points
・Points can be used as 1 point per 1 JPY for item price. (tax-included) It cannot be applied to shipping cost and COD fee.
・Points can be used in increments of 100.
・When used together with coupons, points are applied to the price after coupon discount. (tax-included)
**Points can used only in the official online store. It cannot be used in boutiques.